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Dog Bite Injury, Burbank, IL


While peacefully walking her small dog in designated area, our client was attacked by another person’s unleashed dog, resulting in minor deformity of our client’s hand.

Wrongful Death Trucking Accident Interstate Highway


Our client, a truck operator, crashed into traffic causing significant damage and loss in front of his vehicle. He was subsequently rear-ended by the two trucks, resulting in his death. Tenenbaum Law Group resolved the case based on the theory that our client would not have suffered a loss of life if it were not for the trucks rear-ending him after his collision.


Motorcycle Accident Chicago, IL


A 42 year old man was lawfully operating his motorcycle, at which time he was cut off by a vehicle attempting to make an abrupt U-turn in front of him, causing a violent collision. This turn resulted in our client falling, sustaining multiple injuries, and requiring surgery.


Construction Accident Wilmette, IL


A 33 year old construction worker fell from significant heights through the opening of the inadequately protected framing structure, resulting in numerous fractures. Tenenbaum Law Group litigated this matter and was able to recover against multiple liable parties.


Bicycle Accident Niles, IL


An experienced cyclist was involved in an accident as he was approaching a hill on the designated Park District bike path. A cyclist going downhill lost control of her bicycle, causing her to crash into our client, resulting in a pelvic bone fracture and multiple other fractures. While defendant initially denied liability, our quick court action eventually resulted in full six-digit policy settlement.


Construction Accident Glenview, IL


A construction worker was entering an exterior concrete stairwell leading to the basement. Front step was not up to codes and stairwell had no railings. After falling on the stairs, he sustained severe skull fractures requiring immediate surgery. This matter was litigated extensively and resulted in settlement.


Pedestrian Accident Palatine, IL


Our client came out of her home after seeing a collision of driver with her daughter’s parked vehicle.  While discussing the details with the driver, she slipped and fell on plastic debris.  The fall caused our client a knee fracture and a rotator cuff tear, among other damages.  The litigation resulted in a six-figure policy settlement.

Premises Liability Accident Chicago, IL


A 56 year old woman acted as a housekeeper in a private home, when unsupported granite plate fell on her and trapped her leg, resulting in acute laceration, fibula fracture and scarring. Homeowner was liable for failure to exercise reasonable care and negligent maintenance of the premises.


Bicycle Accident Chicago, IL


A 57 year man was lawfully operating his bicycle when the mirror of a large SUV moving in the parallel row of traffic struck our client from the back, causing him to fall and sustain injuries, including an arm fracture. Tenenbaum Law Group recovered a six-figure policy settlement supplemented by under-insured motorist coverage from our client.



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